Let hardwood flooring support your flooring needs

Hardwood flooring gives you many benefits that serve you in every room. You'll appreciate all these floors can do, especially when you combine benefits. For example, a floor with excellent visual appeal can meet your durability needs all at the same time too.

When you take the time to explore these materials, it will become much clearer. And the more you cater to your needs with hardwood, the more you'll see them at work. So, take time to consider all your options as you search for the perfect materials for your home.

Take time to browse for visual appeal

Wood floors provide some of the most beautiful looks in the flooring industry. But yet, they are some of the most diverse at the same time. And this is especially the case when you incorporate trends into your decor scheme. You have the beachy, whitewashed trend at one end of the spectrum. And at the other are high variation options incorporating some of the darkest colors. So, there are plenty of options between decor matching that is beautiful and precise.

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Enjoy durability in every room with hardwood flooring

Choosing engineered wood flooring makes it possible to have hardwood flooring in humid and damp spaces. While there are stipulations, these floors perform well, even where temperatures change often. Engineered materials feature a layered construction with plywood on the bottom, laid perpendicularly. The top is a layer of natural wood in your choice's species and thickness and provides excellent floor covering, even in kitchens and hallways.

Pre-finished or site-finished?

Both solid and engineered materials are available in your choice of finish. After acclimation, pre-finished materials are ready for installation once they reach your home. Wood floors that are finished on-site must be sanded, stained, finished, and sealed after installation.
Hardwood flooring in Wilkes-Barre, PA from Scorey Bros Floorcovering

We have the wood flooring you want and need

At Scorey Bros Floorcovering, you'll find flooring specialists who put your needs first. We help you browse our extensive inventory of products for floors that meet your needs. And we'll add all the necessary services once you find them.

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