Trendy waterproof flooring in a Wilkes-Barre, PA home

Three waterproof flooring trends

When you're ready to consider waterproof flooring, you might have some questions. And the good news is that we have answers.

For instance, when you ask what's hot in this flooring line, we'll tell you about trends. And here are three options you might consider for your home as you shop.

Trend #1: Waterproof vinyl flooring
Waterproof vinyl is expanding rapidly throughout the industry. In addition, options like plank and tile offer more beauty and durability than ever before.

Ask about rigid core options and visual trends that mimic natural wood and stone. For superb décor matching, consider waterproof vinyl flooring for all your spaces.

Trend #2: Light and neutral colors
Colors make a difference in your décor and set the stage for outstanding interior design. Light stain colors, gray, and whitewash options are popular.

You'll also find a high-variation trend that can add character to your home. They're not perfect for every decor, but it's worth considering.

Trend #3: Unique layouts
Unique layouts include herringbone, wide plank, and large format patterns. But don't forget to look at geometric shapes like hexagons for an exciting take on waterproof flooring.

Don't miss out on waterproof flooring for your bathroom
Waterproof bathroom flooring does more than give you excellent visuals and performance. They also give you the peace of mind you deserve in moisture-prone rooms such as bathrooms.

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